Our skin requires special attention throughout the year, regardless of whether it’s dry, oily or mixed.

In order to feel confident and look radiant, we spend a lot of time looking after the outside of our skin, whilst neglecting the inside. The appropriate diet and regular water intake are essential in our daily routine.

The condition of our face skin is able to tell us more than we think. Pollution, dry air, unhealthy diet can affect our wellbeing, as well the appearance and conditon of our skin. The past year has exposed us to many stressful situations, forced us to change our habits, made us cover our faces with masks, and use chemical sanitisers. The beginning of the new year is a good time to assess the condition of our skin, and realise that we need to provide it with proper nourishment, regardless of the times we’ve come to live in. The effective care of any skin type requires the use of safe, nourishing cosmetics. Facial Oil Raspberry&Rosemary by KRAYNA comes in very handy indeed.


A nourishing oil for every skin type.

Facial Oil Raspberry&Rosemary is a nourishing oil, of a carefully designed formula, to cater for every skin type, and it’s perfect for everyday use. The oil firms up the skin and restores its proper elasticity. Thanks to its nourishing ingredients, the oil rebuilds and strengthens the natural lipid barrier of the skin. Combined with the correctly applied massage, the oil nourishes and moisturises the skin, and it helps improve the skin tone. It is absorbed easily and does not leave a greasy layer.

It’s worth pointing out that the Facial Oil Raspberry&Rosemary contains rich but simple, plant-based ingredients which regenerate, moisturise and firm up your skin.

Almond Oil deeply nourishes, regenerates the cells and gives your skin a healthy radiant look. It strengthens collagenous fibres, and has anti-oxidising, moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamins A, E, B and D nourish the skin, giving it a radiant look. Used regularly, the oil smooths fine wrinkles, and enhances the action of sunscreen.

Grapeseed oil improves the condition of the epidermis, strengthens its protective barrier, and it’s responsible for maintaining the right level of collagen and elastin. More importantly, it demonstrates anti-bacterial properties.

Raspberry seed oil is a true power source of nature and a wealth of valuable, unsaturated fats, Omega-3 and Omega-6, which moisturise and rejuvenate your skin, and optimise the action of active ingredients. The oil has strong anti-oxidising and rejuvenating properties, and it slows down the skin’s aging processes. The fatty acids are responsible for the suitable moisturisation of the skin, and they increase the absorption of the active ingredients. Thanks to the vitamins E and C, the oil eliminates free radicals. The above substances also demonstrate antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. That is why the oil soothes the skin, reduces the erythema and accelerates wound healing.

CO2 Rosemary Extract is a natural antioxidant, obtained using fully ecological, solvent-free chemical methods. It has soothing, anti-bacterial and anty-aging properties, and it suppresses the oxidation of the cell membranes lipids. It soothes and looks after the skin.

Facial Oil Raspberry&Rosemary has many benefits, the most important ones being its soothing, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. This vegan oil is a true blend of nourishing ingredients for the tired, damaged or dry skin.

It works perfectly in the everyday care, and it’s brilliantly effective in face massages. Its properties help to relax facial muscles, which is why, after just a few applications, the skin becomes radiant and has a healthy glow.

Using the Facial Oil Raspberry&Rosemary by KRAYNA should become a permanent point in our daily routine, in the morning and in the evening. Many people are wary of using facial oils for fear of their skin becoming clogged and oily. KRAYNA’s Facial Oil debunks those myths: it is a product of a wonderfully light formula, which is absorbed quickly, without leaving a layer of greasy film on your skin. Combining the oil with one of our AY BY KRAYNA, such as AY1 Cornflower or AY3 Chestnut, we’ll boost the oil’s activity. This means that even during the most intensive and stressful of days, our skin will be properly nourished throughout.

Let’s not be afraid of using facial oils, and including them in our everyday skincare routine. Our skin will reward us with a beautiful, radiant glow.

Apart from the plant-based and vegan properties of the oil and its ingredients, the eco-features of the packaging also deserve a mention.

The oil comes in a glass bottle with an aluminum lid, with no artificial elements.

The packaging is made of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified paper.

FSC is an international, non-profit organisation, which sets out standards for the sustainable forest management by considering social, ecological and economical factors.

When the wood leaves the forest FSC certified, we are certain that the certified companies in the whole supply chain meet the standards of the sustainable development.

The extra paper used in the packaging has been obtained using traditional methods, and is 100% cotton based.