You come back home tired, after a tough day at work, dreading all the extra household chores, and you fantasise about finally having a rest. It happens to us all.

It’s not just you that needs relaxation to boost your energy, your skin needs it too. All day make-up, adverse weather conditions, rain, wind, scorching sunshine or office air con have a deep impact on the condition of your skin.

Despite the tiredness, it’s worth dedicating 10 min of your time to your skincare by cleansing it and providing it with nourishing ingredients it desperately needs.

Krayna has designed an evening skincare routine to prepare for the spring but you can follow it throughout the year.

Spring is the time of awakenings. Although we provide our skin with the suitable care in autumn and winter, we often notice broken capillaries or redness which appear on our face in winter, and our skin looks greyish and tired. We don’t notice it at the first glance, but, with time, those changes become more and more visible. This is all due to sudden changes in the temperature.

Using your well-tested methods, thoroughly cleanse your face, remove make-up, get rid of toxins and other impurities. Exfoliate your face once a week, depending on the needs of your skin. Apply a gentle toner or a flower hydrolat. Massage your face, using our nourishing face oil for every skin type. Feel your face relax, and your skin become radiant.

Krayna creams will help you finish off your evening skincare routine. You can find the details of all our products on our website so you can choose the most suitable cream for you. The carefully selected ingredients of our creams allow you to combine different variants. You skin will feel nourished and relaxed.

By following our everyday skincare routine, you show love and respect not just towards your skin, but also to the natural environment.

The following steps will ensure your skin looks and feels healthy so that you can feel great inside and out in the morning, at noon, and in the evening.

Using your favourite face wash products, thoroughly cleanse your face, remove make-up, and get rid of toxins and other impurities

Restore the pH balance by using a gentle toner or a flower hydrolat.

Gently massage our nourishing Raspberry and Rosemary Face Oil into your face and the surrounding areas. Massage it for a little longer. Feel your face relax, and gain a healthy look. Introduce the massage as a permanent fixture in your skincare routine. You will soon see fantastic results.

Apply a cream that is right for your skin. If you’re experiencing skin problems, choose our soothing, multi-functional AY2 cream. If you have couperose and redness-prone skin, make sure to try out our AY3 cream. If you want to reduce and prevent the forming of wrinkles, select our AY1 cream. AY4 is especially recommended for men.

By following our step-by-step guide using KRAYNA products, you will notice that your skin has become smoother, well-moisturised and radiant.

Those few moments spent in the privacy of your own bathroom, will allow to relax after a challenging day, and your well-cared for skin will reward you with a beautiful, healthy and radiant look.