The entire modern knowledge of cosmetology, similarly to many other


fields, stems from the ancient times. Although detailed recipes for ancient

elixirs are can hardly be found, archaeological explorations have allowed

us to notice certain cosmetic trends and customs. The first one, benefiting

from the locally sourced ingredients, is the one we instinctively followed at

Krayna. Why seek spectacular effects from the ingredients of faraway

lands if we’re surrounded by so much goodness? Of course, it’s worth

trying some well-tested methods too, but knowing and trying the local

ingredients is essential. The Krayna collection contains exactly what we

wished for. Well thought-out creams with simple, yet rich ingredients (yes,

such a combination is attainable). The ingredients of our creams are

carefully selected, with the most demanding client in mind.

Krayna’s products are purposefully limited since we offer universal

cosmetics based on minimalism. We’re prioritising the well-being of our

planet by choosing simple packaging. Our creams are 100% natural,

vegan, eco-friendly, not tested on animals. Our products do not follow the

age criteria; instead, we’ve decided to focus on the most common skin

types which, in effect, will determine the choice of the right cream.

Everyone is able to find something suitable.