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Krayna’s elementary oil is a natural, vegan product with multifunctional use. It contains known and complexly tested plant oils, showing a regenerative and conditioning effect on the skin, hair, and nails. Oils from raspberry seeds, sweet almonds, sunflower seeds, and grape seeds effectively rebuild the hydrolipid barrier of the skin, and the active substances in them show anti-aging and antioxidant properties, they regulate the physiology of the epidermis in its surfaced parts as well as in the deeper, living layers. Vitamin E sweeps the free radicals, slowing down the aging of the skin and counteracting the harmful properties of sunlight.

Krayna's oils have been enriched with extracts from rosemary, which has been obtained in the most effective and modern method of extraction with supercritical carbon dioxide, allowing the retention of maximum biological properties. Valuable ingredients have been closed into a glass bottle with a comfortable-to-use pipet, allowing for a proper dosage during everyday skin care in different areas of the body.


The Elementary oil of versatile use is for both women and men, for all types of skin of the face and body, as well as hair. We especially recommend skin deprived of brilliance, dehydrated, tired, as well as vascular, sensitive, and stripped.


Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Rubus Idaeus Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil

Oils from raspberry seeds are an extremely valuable ingredient in cosmetics with versatile use. The ingredients obtained from raspberry seeds by cold pressing have a high content of EFAs (essential fatty acids), polyphenolic compounds, and phytosterols. It has an antioxidant effect, slowing down the processes of 1 aging of the skin - dedicated to dry, rough, atopic, sensitive, mature skin. It shows antimicrobial effects, which is why it supports the natural microbiome of the skin.

It has properties that penetrate the skin well, therefore it promotes the permeation of active substances in cosmetics. It regulates the work of the sebaceous glands and advises for the care of mixed skin that tends to be oily in the T zone and acne.

Oils from sweet almonds an oil rich in glycerides of oleic acid (approx. 80%) and linoleic acid (approx. 15%), as well as phytosterols and vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, D, and E). It is an emollient (softens and moisturizes the skin), preventing excessive water loss in the skin. It helps regenerate and does not irritate the skin, which is why it can be used for the care of skin with eczema and psoriasis.

It positively impacts the condition of the hair  it strengthens it, gives it a shine, prevents brittleness, and regenerates after hairdressing treatments. It supports the treatment of scars and stretch marks. Obtained through cold pressing ripe sweet almond kernels from the almond tree, it is light along with being easily absorbable.


We call the oil “elementary” because its easy and useful composition can accompany us during every step of everyday skin care. When will it work best?


"CLOSING” SKINCARE A crucial element of taking care of our skin is ensuring the ingredients help the lipid barrier of the epidermis. Krayna creams have a light, absorbent formula, thanks to which it is great for all types of skin. However, sometimes our skin needs a “boost” in the form of a lubricant dose so that the stratum corneum can properly keep in water and effectively perform a protective function from external factors (sun, air pollution, microbes). Krayna oil can be used for this purpose in different ways:

  • Apply a few drops on the skin after the prior use of a serum or cream – in the morning or at night; this method is dedicated to skin that is dehydrated, sensitive, vascular, and atopic; it helps keep water in the epidermis, corrects the softness and elasticity of dry, rough skin;
  • Mix a few drops of oil with a cream in your hand (mixes without a problem with AY creams), next Delicately massage into skin – in the morning or at night; this way is especially liked by oily and mixed skin – it does not leave an unfavorable layer on the skin;
  • Apply it on to clean and lightly moist (after cleansing, after the use of a toner) skin and delicately rub in – in the evening; this method of skin care is for all skin in need of an improvement of hydration, elasticity, and calming.

CLEANSING THE SKIN Removing makeup and cleansing the skin is an essential part of skincare, conditioning everyday hygiene, as well as the safety of using creams and other cosmetics products. For active products in serums and creams to correctly absorb, we must enable them by cleaning the surface of the epidermis and intercellular spaces, which are the routes of penetration into the deeper layers of the skin. Firstly, we should remove makeup or whatever remains. Skin coloring products contain pigment particles, which should be properly “removed” from the skin. Even if makeup is not used, cleansing the skin in the morning and the evening is necessary to keep it healthy. 

Cleaning the skin supports the naturally occurring process of exfoliation of the epidermis. Moreover, in the morning residues of care products used in the evening are washed off – leftover creams, sunscreens, and particles of impurities adhering to the air, e.g., dust, and pollen.

Classic makeup removing and cleansing skin products contain surfactants (foaming, collecting impurities), thickeners, opacifying ingredients, dyes, and preservatives – all of which can irritate and dry the skin. This is exactly why cleansing the skin with natural oils has many advantages.

They perfectly dissolve makeup, and remove impurities from the surface of the skin that accumulate during the day, without damaging the lipid barrier of the epidermis.

Their low-irritating potential is a unique advantage compared to classic makeup-removing gels and foams, Krayna’s elementary oil perfectly fits our safe cleaning skin philosophy – its elementary composition is devoid of irritating substances that are commonly added to cleansing cosmetics.

  • Apply a few drops of Krayna’s oil into your palms, next massage into dry facial skin with makeup applied. In circular motions massage the oil in, whilst avoiding near the eyes. After dissolving the makeup on the skin, clean off with lukewarm water (with hands, a cotton pad, or a makeup-removing towel).
  • During evening skincare to cleanse the skin on the face, neck, and neckline put a few drops of Krayna’s oil into your hands, next massage into water-moistened skin. In circular motions massage the oil in, avoiding the area near the eyes. Wash off with your hands, a cotton pad, or a makeup-removing towel.
  •  Krayna’s oil is a perfect product for OCM (Oil Cleansing Method).

HAIR CARE Healthy taken care of hair adds beauty and emphasizes the beauty of our complexion. Unfortunately, hair growth and structure disorders are common problems. Sometimes it is the result of a medical condition within the scalp or a systematic disease.

Often, physical or chemical factors cause the structure of the hair shaft to change through trauma. Stems do not serve excessive or too aggressive brushing, thermal treatments (drying, straightening), intense exposure to sunlight for too long, bleaching, bathing in salt water, scratching, or rubbing the scalp. It becomes dry, breakable, matted, and fragile.

Healthy hair has well-adhering cells of the hair sheath (commonly called “cuticle”). For the hair shaft to be smooth and look healthy, you can help “close the cuticle” by using natural oils. Krayna’s elementary oil can be used:

  • Oiling the hair while wet or dry – oiling is a process that improves the condition and appearance of the hair, especially high porosity hair. The oiling process is carried out using natural oils, without fake ingredients, which is why Krayna’s oil is perfect for this purpose!
  • For conditioning the ends of the hair after washing – the oil can be applied on wet or dry ends – after rubbing a few drops into your hands, comb through the ends with your fingers like a comb;
  • For the care of facial hair – apply Krayna’s oil to your beard and moustache after rubbing a few drops in your hands, at the end of skincare (e.g., after applying AY 4 cream on the face and neck). It can be used in the morning and does not dye clothes, especially on the hem of the shirt or collar.

CARING FOR SCARS/STRETCH MARKS Stretch marks are parallel, spindle-shaped bands of thinned skin. They form gradually because of the reduced susceptibility of the skin to stretching. In a stretch mark, the collagen and elastin fibers are damaged and misaligned.

The formation of a stretch mark may be accompanied by itching and burning. Both “fresh” (red, blush) and “matured” (white fading lines) require care if we want to reduce their visibility. Scars have many characteristics just like stretch marks – the epidermis is smoothed, normal supporting fibers (collagen and elastin) disappear and a reddish color in the beginning period.

The first 12 months are its process of maturation. This is a time when proper skin care can reduce the visibility of the scar and limit its shrinkage, often associated with discomfort, a feeling of “pulling” the skin, and itching The primary recommendation in caring for scars and stretch marks is massaging them. Its effectiveness has been proven by research and is recommended by dermatologists, surgeons, and physiotherapists. For the massage to proceed properly, without excessively stretching the skin, it is best to use a lubricant, e.g., oil.

Krayna’s elementary oil would be a great choice in the case of both stretch marks on the breasts, thighs, and buttocks, as well as for post-operative scars (in the maturation phase, i.e., after a minimum of 3 weeks from the wound healing).

A massage with Krayna’s elementary oil has a positive effect on scars and stretch marks by improving hydration and water retention (restraining scar growth), softening effect, and stimulating the regeneration of the epidermis.

  • On skin with stretch marks or scars (especially ones that are overgrown) apply a few drops of Krayna’s oil, next Massage a few times a day for a few minutes, as per instructions: massage along the course of the scar/stretch marks, do not excessively stretch the skin. Only for external use. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. Store at room temperature, do not expose to sunlight for prolonged periods. 
Key active ingredients


Tripelargonin is a gentle biodegradable emollient, obtained from the Marian thistle seeds. It strengthens the protective barrier of the skin by creating an invisible film on its surface. It reduces the excessive vaportisation of the water from the epidermis. It doesn’t leave that greasy feeling, and makes your skin feel silky smooth. It’s a natural and biodegradable alternative for synthetic emollients.

Sweet Almond Oil improves the skin’s appearance and functioning, and it regenerates the cells. It strengthens the collageneous fibre, and it has antioxidising, moisturisisng and anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to vitamins A, E, B i D, it thoroughly nourishes the skin, and gives it a healthy, radiant look. If used systematically, it smoothes out fine wrinkles, and it enhances the action of the sunscreen. It has oiling, smoothing and softening properties.

Grape Seed Oil strengthens the cell membrane by improving the condition of the epidermis. The oil is rich in the necessary unsaturated fatty acids: the linoleic acid (LA) and the α-linolenic acid (ALA), which maintain the skin’s elasticity and support its protective barrier. The oil stimulates the right levels of elastic and collagen. It is neutral in colour and fragrance, which makes it perfect for the face skin care. It shows anti-bacterial activities, and has soothing and toner-like properties. The skin becomes radiant and smooth.

Olive Oil possesses the high level of unsaturated oleic acid. It nourishes the skin and leaves a protective film. It improves the blood supply, strengthes the epidermic barrier , regenerates and moisturises the skin. It makes an ideal medium for active substances. It has anti-wrinkle and regenerative properties. The vitamins A, E and F make the skin nourishes and soothed.

Sunflower Seed Oil perfectly moisturises, stimulates the cells and supports the regeneration of the natural lipid barrier of the epidermis. It regulates the the water balance, and it restricts the excessive secretion of sebum. It doesn’t clog the pores.

Vitamin E is known as the vitamin of youth. It protects the cells from the free radicals. It is responsible for the regerenation, and the right firmness of the skin. It smoothens out wrinkles, and counteracts the harmful UV radiation. It nourishes the skin, and alleviates inflammatations and irritations.

Silver Birch Leaf Extract contains an abundance of flavonoids and tannin which stimulate the skin’s metabolism. It helps strengthen the connective tissue and it smoothens the skin. Works extremely well as an ingredient of massage oils.

Linden Blossom Extract is wonderfully soothing and mild. It is a source of active ingredients. The essential oils, flavonoids, vitamins C and PP contained in the extract, demonstrate a powerful antiradical properties. It slows down the aging process of the skin. Ideal for dry and tired skin. Shows moisturisisng and firming properties.

Comfrey Root Extract contains allantoin, mucilage, tannin, phenylacetic acid and alkaloids. It accelerates wound healing, and stimulates the cell regeneration. It effectively alleviates skin irritations, and stimulates the protective mechanisms of our skin.

Por Marigold Extract is extremely rich in carotenoids and flavonoids. It demonstrates strong anti-inflammatory properties. It supports the epidermis regeneration, and it reduces the skin redness. It has anti-fungal and anti-protozoan properties. It stimulates the recovery process, and it counteracts the excessive flaking of the epidermis. The extract works very effectively in the care of rough, cracked and damaged skin.

Rosemary Leaf Extract is an extremely effective antioxidant. Thanks to the rosemary acid and triterpene compounds, the extract firms up the skin and improves its micro-circulation. It stimulates the biological regeneration

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    Yes. You can also combine the one of face creams with Anti-Aging serum with Apple Stem Cells every day and also with Elementary Oil.




    A light, multi-functional cream with a delicate texture for women intended for sensitive and problematic skin.

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